Application Re-engineering

Why Inirus?

Inirus delivers high-quality, flexible applications that are easy to maintain. Our stringent quality processes coupled with industry best practices along with our deep domain knowledge in various industries helps our customers derive maximum return on their IT investment.

Stability, long term support, technology competence and reduction in Total Cost of Ownership are few of the benefits enterprises will accrue from our Application Development and Maintenance Services.

Services Overview

Application Re-engineering

Re-Engineering is a process in which old applications are studied, business logic extracted and re-crafted into newer technologies. The re-engineered application should be easy to maintain and use..

Re-Engineering is a very involved exercise and it involves tool based analysis, customer interactions, careful re-design, development and implementation. It involves:

Application Portfolio Validation
Application Documentation
Application Business Rule Extraction
Application Re-Design, Development and Implementation

The following diagram highlights some of the services involved in quality re-engineering.


Our Services Include:

Functional enhancements
Platform Integration
Data porting and data management
Transaction processing
Implementation and Integration management