Why Inirus?

Inirus delivers high-quality, flexible applications that are easy to maintain. Our stringent quality processes coupled with industry best practices along with our deep domain knowledge in various industries helps our customers derive maximum return on their IT investment.

Stability, long term support, technology competence and reduction in Total Cost of Ownership are few of the benefits enterprises will accrue from our Application Development and Maintenance Services.

Services Overview

Application Services

In today’s competitive environment staying ahead in business means staying ahead in technology. Regardless of the industry, technology enhancements play a huge part in growing your business, improving productivity, and as a result, delivering more revenue to the bottom line. With expertise across platforms and technologies, Inirus can develop applications across a wide spectrum of industries.

At Inirus, we deliver sustainable value through innovative software solutions that are capable of high performance with minimal business and process interruptions. Cost-effectiveness and mission-critical capabilities are at the focus of our development and maintenance strategy.

Our integrated developed facilities are complemented by onsite and offshore capabilities. From the depth of our domain expertise and our proprietary intellectual property to our onsite/offshore delivery model, our work is not finished until we provide a solution that meets the challenge.