Why Inirus?

Our team of highly qualified consultants engages with clients to help them implement sustainable business strategies while maintaining cost efficiencies and thereby gain competitive advantage in the banking and financial services ecosystem. Through a network of alliances and partnerships we provide true end-to-end business transformation services to our clients.

Services Overview

Banking and Financial Institutions today straddle a complex array of services and products across increasingly diverse customer groups. To stay competitive, successful and profitable, they constantly seek solutions address the following challenges.

  • Translating technology and operations for optimizing business delivery.
  • Responding to new demands in the global financial markets.
  • Increasing operational efficiency of all assets.
  • Reducing cost and Enhancing agility in business service.
  • PCompliance with changing regulations.
  • Constantly developing new capabilities that adapt to customer needs while opening new market opportunities.
  • The solutions and services from Inirus for the Banking and >Financial Services companies are designed to meet these crucial business and technology needs.

We provide services and solutions in the following areas

  • Core Banking
  • Treasury Management
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Financial Messaging Gateway