Enterprise Mobility


Inirus Enterprise Mobility is software framework that consists of middleware and mobile front end components, which help to develop and implement robust enterprise mobility solutions in a short time. The framework has been implemented by Inirus to develop custom solutions and products in the areas of field sales force enablement, remote banking, data capture, Asset maintenance, employee self-service etc. The solution is designed with end user conditions in mind and optimized for the field working conditions.


  • Short time to market
  • Highly scalable architecture
  • Cross platform
  • Optimized for field conditions
  • Service oriented design
  • Online/offline features
  • Strong Security Layer
  • Dynamic rules engine built in
  • Designed for easier integration with enterprise systems


  • Open source technology stack
  • Service Oriented Design and SOA based integration adapters
  • Built in Device management module
  • Built in workflow management
  • Over the air updates for enterprise apps
  • Offline and online working
  • Built in security framework and encryption modules
  • Dynamic form generation
  • Mobile SSO
  • Queue implementation for data loss avoidance and smooth synchronization even in low bandwidth network.
  • Implemented solutions across assets management, Salesforce automation, Employee self service, Track and Trace and remote banking solutions.