Mission and Value Statement

Why Inirus?

Our past experiences shape our present and influence our outlook to make the world a better place. The name Inirus, an anagram stemming from the native lands of the original Inirus Founders, is a term that signifies to us the importance of diversity, ideas, and advancement in the global environment. It teaches us that the sum of all parts is much greater than the individual components, and we can accomplish much more together than we can working alone.

Mission and Value Statement

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to grow our Organization through being leaders and trusted advisors in the selection, implementation and delivery of IT Solutions and Business Process improvements that provide value-add for our clients…

Our major objective is to directly impact our client’s profitability, productivity, service capability and market share. In order to achieve this objective, we focus on quantifiable value added services that allow our clients to recognize and measure significant improvements in the operation of
their business.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create competitive advantage through long-term mutually beneficial customer relationships.
We adhere to industry best practices, and are able to retain our entrepreneurial and creative professionals. We take pride in delivering superior services in our key business areas. We believe we can make a difference with our customers. Through our collective efforts, we continue to grow professionally.

We believe in growth through the disciplined application of business and financial models. We have a sense of pride in ourselves, our organization, and in the information technology services and business solutions provided to our clients.