Culture & Benefits

Why Inirus?

Our past experiences shape our present and influence our outlook to make the world a better place. The name Inirus, an anagram stemming from the native lands of the original Inirus Founders, is a term that signifies to us the importance of diversity, ideas, and advancement in the global environment. It teaches us that the sum of all parts is much greater than the individual components, and we can accomplish much more together than we can working alone.

Culture & Benefits

Company Culture

We strive to provide top quality services to our customers, not only through our technical skills, but also through our professional attitudes, motivation, and pride in service. Our people have:

  • Integrity and pride in providing
    quality services
  • The ability to deliver on commitments made to clients
  • The ability to work independently,
    or in project team environments
  • The ability to learn new technology, software processes or lan
    As an organization, we subscribe to the standards for responsible service set out in our own Statement of Values.

Inirus is recruiting team members for a number of exciting opportunities. If you believe you have what it takes to excel in our environment, please see our Current Openings page.


Experienced professionals with a proven track record in strong client service delivery are the backbone of our continued success. We have enjoyed strong employee retention and morale as we try to create a continued sense of community and belonging within our team. Our team members support each other – formally and informally.

The Inirus compensation and benefits package is designed to be very competitive and attractive and is something we plan to continue to add to. Some of the benefits available to our FTE’s are:

  • H1/Green Card Processing
  • Employee Training
  • PTO
  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental
  • Relocation Expenses